Blood Mage – For 5th Edition

Blood Mage - For 5th EditionPublisher: Terran Empire Publishing

Terran Empire Publishing is proud to present: The Blood Mage. This new, 5th edition compatible class, is a fresh and unique take on a genre classic. Some of the new abilities include Blood Component, Sanguine Reserve, Scarification, Coagulate, and Blood Puppet. Three new spells (Blood Biography, Bloody Rend, and Suffocate) and one new monster (Summoned Blood Ooze) are also included. 

Price: $4.99
Blood Mage – For 5th Edition published first on


Author: Kaya Wagner

Writing on gaming is fun, coming up with logical answers in the topics that interest me really help. I am improving my writing everyday. Some of the things I hope to achieve is creating reality from the hyper-reality. My other blogs mention technology and social media, I introduce the best ways of delivering content these days and also cover topics. Many sites has helped me write and edit some nice articles that have come into my mind. I intend on writing many more articles here on all kinds of fun games.

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